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Moms, it is time to
Reclaim Your Identity

In less than 9 minutes,
embark on a journey
Rediscover Yourself,
talize Relationships,
Reclaim your Career, &
Reawaken your Spiritually


It is free!

Your overwhelm has a name!

Step 1: Learn the scientific term that describes what you feel and why so that you build conviction that you're not alone.

Step 2: Develop self-compassion so that you show up with the self-love and confidence you want to instill in your kid(s).

Step 3: Weather out the turbulence in your relationship with your partner so that you both feel seen, appreciated, and supported.

Step 4: Develop a realistic, guilt-free kind of 'balance' by actualizing the potential gifted to you by motherhood.

Step 5: Address anxiety stemming from philosophical, existential and/or spiritual crises so that you feel at peace with your place in the world and the legacy you are building for your child(ren).

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What you're feeling is not only common, & natural 

but also POWERFUL!

Take your first step into FREEDOM!

We talk about science-backed-data, societal implications, and individual aspects of motherhood that contribute to the nuances of this beautiful journey. This is the first step to freedom from feeling guilty and regaining your sense of enoughness!


Make it work for YOU

In less than 9 minute a day, you will unlock a world of knowledge that will reassure, validate and comfort you! If you're anything like me and want to apply what you've learned, each day has a mini task you can try out for personal exploration.


Don't worry, I've designed this series to be short and sweet; I know full well how packed your schedule is, This is meant to be a release, not an extra task on your to-do list!


I'm ready to reclaim my identity

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Hi, I'm Markella

Licensed Psychologist &

Parenthood and Relationship Coach

and I help mutli-passionate, high-achieving women feel confident and reassured in motherhood.

If you are feeling a bit lost or disillusioned in motherhood, you're not alone, my friend. I've been there and it has since become my mission to support new moms in regaining their sense of self, freedom, and confidence so that they can be the mom they've envisioned for their child(ren), experiencing the joys of motherhood without having to do more & without sacrificing themselves in the process.

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Lucia K.

"Extremely helpful is understanding the myths and stereotypes linked with motherhood that are rooted in our society and often create pressure on expecting mothers. I am extremely grateful."
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