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M.A. Clinical-Counseling Psychology

LaSalle University

Mama Rising Coach & Facilitator

ICF accredited

PgCert Special Education

Walden University

B.Sc. Psychology

Empire State College



  • Co-Owner; Director; Psychologist;

    • @ | Center for Psychotherapy​

  • Online Course Instructor

  • Former Coordinator of Special Education Program

    • @ ACS, Athens school​

  • More info on my LinkedIn profile

If there is something I am passionate about, it's personal discovery and self-improvement as a means to actualization. In my opinion, these are the most selfless and valuable acts one could engage in. By nurturing a constant craving for development, we become much more in tune with not only ourselves, but also with the world around us, achieving our goals while serving as an asset to society as well. 


However, to accomplish that, it's best we do it from a place of acceptance, and not as a prerequisite to finally loving ourselves. Being deeply in touch with the oh-so-human need for unconditional love, the relentless fear of rejection, and the struggle to belong in a world that places unattainable standards on us, I have developed programs that aim to bring people back to their center, help them appreciate their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, all the while assisting them in learning to foster a deep love for the self.


And what better way to instill these qualities than by working with the pillars that shape and hold our society together: parents! If you feel that we share similar goals and values, it would be my pleasure for us to work together!

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