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Rediscover You
Reclaim Motherhood

Stepping into motherhood you've embarked on a transformative journey of great depth and potential. Together, we'll harness the gifts motherhood brings by embracing its ebbs and flows, holding the emotions it evokes, releasing expectations and perfectionism, and reconnecting to our truest, rawest, core self so that we become empowered to push through the cocoon and unfurl our wings. I'm deeply honored to be part of this profound time in your life, and I can't wait to celebrate each milestone you achieve!

Do you find that despite all the seminars, research, and reading you've done preparing for motherhood, you still crave:

  • reassurance that you're not "breaking" your child? 

  • the ability to stay present in the moment?

  • balance between competing loves and interests?

  • a sense of community with moms who just get you?

  • confidence that you are the best mom for your child(ren)?

Well, you're not alone.

You deserve all this and so much more...

Here is how to go about attaining it.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Here's how to attain it


Join our Thriving Moms Circle to find YOUR people & village ❤


Get private or group coaching with Markella

work together

You don't have to feel lost...


You do not need shame and guilt as your drive to be a good mom.

I am here to support you and your vision in becoming the mother you've envisioned, breaking free from the feeling that you are not enough

  • You CAN attain reassurance that you're doing great.

  • You CAN feel confident in the way you show up as a parent.

  • ​& you CAN do this without losing yourself to motherhood.


Are you ready to become a mother who is confident, self-aware and emotionally equipped to be the most nurturing, loving mother this baby could ever have?

Are you ready to dive in already?

Then, I've got something that is made just for YOU!

Reclaim Your Identity

Get this 5-day mini-video series and discover how motherhood transforms your relationship with

  1. yourself

  2. others

  3. work

  4. the world

Together we learn how to navigate these changes!

Get this FREE, 5-day mini-series delivered to your inbox, right now!


My 15+ years of experience in helping women raise their confidence, parents best communicate with their children, and children build strong foundations in the counseling as well as the academic setting have shown me one clear pattern:

A mother that has received sufficient emotional support steps into her caregiver role able to mother without the unnecessary burden that heavy, unresolved emotions cause, becoming a source of power and love for her children.

This inspired me to shift my full focus to empowering the [often invisible] mother so that she, in turn, can be the beacon of light to her child(ren).

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