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Ways we can work together

Reclaiming Your Identity in Motherhood Guide

Thriving Moms Circle Membership

Private or Group Coaching 

Reconcile your old and new, maternal identity, today! 1) Immediate Access: start benefiting from the exercises right away. 2) Hands-On Exercises + Comprehensive Learning: apply the knowledge gained from the free 5-day mini-video series. 3) Self-Paced: Work at your own speed, revisiting exercises as needed.

The village you've been craving for is here! 1) Weekly Mama Chats: Casual coffee chats with other moms [joined by an expert to create a safe, non-judgmental space] to share experiences and tips. 2) Monthly Group Coaching: expert guidance and live workshops for increased confidence and growth. 3) Asynchronous Q&A: Get your questions answered even if you can't make the live sessions. 4) Resource Library: Access to a growing library of emotional and practical resources. (e.g. breastfeeding mini-course coming soon!)

Feel like you need something more personalized and intensive? 1) Focused Attention: Smaller group size or 1-1 setting ensures more personalized coaching. 2) Bi-Monthly Meetings: maintain engagement and accountability. 3) Peer Support: Forge meaningful connections with moms who are on a similar journey. (also available in the 1-to-1 setting) 4) C.A.R.E. Framework: Work through a structured program designed to help you regain your sense of identity and confidence as a mom.

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