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Introducing the Thriving Moms Cirlce Membership

Empowering Mothers in their Journey through Motherhood

Are you a mom seeking genuine connections and understanding from fellow moms?

  • Do you often find yourself needing a space to share worries, feelings, and the roller-coaster of emotions motherhood brings?

  • Do you believe in the strength of community, especially during the challenging times of parenting?

  • Do you wish to have a safe, expert-supervised container where you can be heard, seen, and supported alongside other mothers who share similar highs and lows?

If you nodded to any or all of the above, you're in the right place.

Welcome to the Thriving Moms Circle, a safe, non-judgmental space where you can navigate the beautiful, yet challenging, path of motherhood with confidence, empowerment, compassion, and the embrace of like-minded moms and esteemed experts.

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"Why had no one told me it'd be like this? Am I the only one who feels this way?" 

Have ever wondered why motherhood is not exactly what you expected it to be? 

Trust me, you're not alone.

Just $27/mo
for the first 10 founding members

If you are committed to being the best mother you can be BUT refuse to take on the role of the self-sacrificial, silenced, and ever-so-invisible mother, then you've just found your people.


Let''s do this together

I've created this membership with one main goal:

that we get to connect at a deeper level.

This means that, in deciding to join us, you and I, along with a rich community of beautiful, like-minded souls, have the chance to regularly meet up and share our most intimate thoughts, in a space I take great pride in; one that is led by integrity, honesty, vulnerability, and mutual respect. 

In our group meet-ups,

  • we have conversations over coffee with other moms on practical questions, sharing what worked or didn't work,

  • but also we get to open up shamelessly to discuss topics that society deems taboo, like not necessarily being utterly fulfilled in motherhood,  feeling rage and regret as we contemplate on our decision to become mothers, and being overwhelmed with guilt and shame over not being what we believe is the ideal mom.

Just $27/mo
for the first 10 founding members

Here is what you enjoy as a member of the TMC


Reassurance & confidence that you are "not breaking" your child!


Support & solidarity of a community of women who see & get you.


Balance & flow, feeling both PRESENT for your child  +  for your needs!


Optional individual coaching from maternal well-being experts

still wondering,
"Why Join?"


Feel Seen, Heard, Validated!


Motherhood, in the past, used to be rooted within the community. We used to raise our babies surrounded by a village of people available to share the burdens of motherhood so that we could be 'present' for and open to more of the joys.


Within our membership, you will join a sisterhood of strong, independent women who are committed to being the best moms while also being honest and raw about what that really entails, emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually...


In the Thriving Moms Circle, we carry each others' burdens so that they no longer weigh on each of us individually, behind closed doors, but become uplifted by the collective.


There is no censorship, no shaming, no blaming.

Instead, we gather to respectfully share our experiences and find solace in not being alone.

It's a safe space to express our joys, worries, and everything in between. No concern is too small, and no worry is insignificant.


Our collective wisdom and unwavering support will help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood with grace and resilience, fostering a deep bond to your child(ren) while remaining true to yourself


Your journey starts here.


"In my sessions with Markella our conversations always flow very easily and naturally, like catching up with a friend. Yet, Markella always catches interesting pointers, highlights patterns or thoughts that she observes, and brings them to my attention.

These help me to debunk various myths and hidden stereotypes that are buried in my subconsciousness. Our conversations are helping me to detect them, understand them and bring on a more conscious level. I am learning a lot about myself and to be more aware of the drivers which influence my behaviour, triggers, decision-making processes, and overall perspectives on multiple areas of my life.

Currently, we discuss many pregnancy-related topics as I was in my therapy with Markella before and during, I got pregnant.


Markella is a great support in navigating through many insecurities, mood changes, fears, and overwhelming feelings which are naturally linked with my current status change - becoming a mother. 

Markella helps me to understand many changes my body and mind is currently undergoing. Extremely helping is understanding the myths and stereotypes linked with motherhood that are rooted in our society and often create pressure on expecting mothers.


I am extremely grateful for these sessions as I am gaining freedom from these stereotypes, and this allows me to focus more on enjoying (rather than fearing) my unique experience."

- Lucia K.

"Such a pleasure and an honor to work with Markella.


She is such a great woman and professional who always knows what questions to ask so that you realize what the missing link is.


Our conversations wrapped my soul in warmth and hope in my lately confused and tired days.


I especially like how she presents scientifically backed data in simple terms while balancing it with a compassionate, non-judgmental touch.


She is showing up with vulnerability, which invites you to dare to do the same, creating a safe space to share and learn.


I am eagerly waiting for every new meeting and I am grateful that our paths crossed.


If you feel stuck and would like to start a journey of self-discovery while honoring your authenticity, reach out to her!" 

-Ramona S.

Mother and Daughter Love

As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself.

- Bessel van der Kolk

Thriving Moms Circle
Community Membership

Here is what you get on the inside.

1 monthly group coaching session

asynchronous Mom Circle chat

weekly mama chats over coffee

practical video + pdf resources

all this for $27/mo
for the first 10 founding members


monthly group coaching session

The group coaching sessions provide a safe and intimate space for us mothers to share our experiences and get personalized guidance, exploring our unique challenges and successes. They are there to hold each of us individually and collectively, both in our joys and in our darkest moments.

Each session is structured around topics that are of concern to us all: Who am I now? Where has the "old me" gone? How do I find balance? Why do I feel so unprepared? How can I feel like a better mother? What are ways to fortify my partnership? and so much more... 


The biggest mission of Thriving Moms Circle is to bring women together into a space where we can discuss our joys and worries openly. They provide an unstructured, more relaxed chance for a get-together amongst like-minded moms who want to share their day-to-day experiences and pass on their knowledge.


Note: As requested by several mamas these are gently supported by a mama coach who is present to dispel potential fears that come up. This is made to ensure you leave these chats feeling empowered rather than stressed.

weekly mama chats over coffee

mama chats

video + PDF resources

Within Thriving Moms Circle, you will have a library of resources you can tap into at your disposal. This is meant to both provide extended value as well as be a source of relief for those moms who do not have much (or any) time to attend live. 

The library will include pdf files with article, exercises and recommendations you may decide to apply so as to reinforce the progress you are making, as well as hands-on tips on things such as 'best books to buy for parenting / upbringing / attachment / identity /etc' or 'tips to organize oneself [realistically] in parenthood' or 'ways to equally share the parental load' and so so much more!


Mama, I know you and I feel you because I AM YOU! There are many points in my journey when I needed help and did not allow myself to have it in fear that I did not even have time to implement any of the tips I would be given. 

This is not one of these kinds of support programs. Here, I want you to know that whatever session, meetup or asynchronous mini-course you choose to attend, the goal is to release, not take more on! 

For those of us who are facing a hard season with minimal to no time, support is also provided via Q&A! Can't attend the coaching but want to share your experience and get gentle guidance? You can do that through the members' area and get support from both the other mamas as well as myself.

asynchronous Q&A

Walking in Fields

Join our dynamic circle

Get on the Waitlist Today!

Come and see what it feels like to receive support, be seen and held, whilst walking the path towards being the best moms AND regaining your sense of self and confidence!

At the special monthly price of $27** 
you've got nothing to lose!

**This price is for founding members and will be limited! Soon after launching, it will double so be quick to get this super LIFETIME deal so long as you remain subscribed!
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