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Many students, despite their intelligence, grade level or academic experience, struggle in getting organized and developing organizational techniques that will enhance their performance in schoolwork.

Why does this happen?


Simply put, the current set up of the schooling system does not allow teachers to spend sufficient, if any, time teaching students how to manage work. Having a pile of curriculum to teach in a very limited time, educators oftentimes cannot practically focus on passing on these essential academic skills. Therefore, after the first couple of elementary grades, students, who suddenly are swarmed with much more work than they’ve ever had to deal with, are left on their own to figure out how to best handle it. Of course, there are the cases of students who also have a learning difference or a difficulty in executive functioning skills which may account for the difficulty getting organized but we will touch upon that more in the course.



Who is this class for?

This class is designed for parents, counselors, teachers or tutors who are currently working with such students and are seeking to find efficient ways to assist them in achieving their full potential. Other than learning strategies that you can then pass on to the students, you will also be able to fully understand why they may be struggling, and thus select the approach that best suits each one of them best.

What type of student will this assist?

Parents with children of all grade levels can benefit from this course, as you will be able to expose them to a toolkit of techniques they can use in order to organize their time and work, concentrate more easily, increase their motivation, enhance their memory, augment their note-taking skills and so much more...



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The course involves learning how to promote skills including, but not limited to, time-management, test-taking, concentration, memory, as well as encouraging a positive attitude and academic motivation, which are fundamental to the learning process. No prior knowledge is required and many tools that are instantly applicable will be shared.

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