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Motherhood does not have to bring about crisis. And it certainly doesn't have to be a journey you must carve out on your own. If you find yourself in anguish of what's to come or in crisis as a new mom, worried you are not capable or gifted enough at this 'motherhood thing', then allow me to take you by the hand. Though private coaching we will address and work through 

  • underlying and intergenerational concerns that may be getting in your way of experiencing motherhood with confidence

  • expectations that may be draining your will and energy, making you feel inadequate

  • emotions of overwhelm, self-loathing, guilt and shame that are holding you back from being the mom you have always envisioned

  • and so much more, based on your personal profile, temperament and needs.

What you walk away with is

  • a new way of relating with yourself

  • more self-compassion, kindness and grace

  • a strong sense of your worth and your identity as a mother and as a woman in this world

  • the conviction that you are a wonderful mom and person

Not sure if this is for you? Let's talk!

I only want to work with those who stand to find true transformation though this process so it is just as important to me as it is to you to see if we are a good fit.


Book a free 20-30 minute consultation with me so we can see if we click!

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